Kick-Off! at Ernestinum

Robots will soon roll onto the stage!

Anyone who thinks that the Christmas bazaar at Ernestinum Grammar School only offers homemade cakes and cookies is wrong. The technology itself will be self-made and used in the musical about robotics in the forthcoming two years: „1984 – Connecting Arts and Technology“ is the title of a theater performance that connects technology and art, Coburg and Valencia with each other.

„The Christmas bazaar is a great opportunity to start the project with a starting shot,“ says Tillmann Leibing, head of the robotics group at Ernes. In addition to cookies, waffles and hot chocolate, the participants listen to the project presentation, which officially opens the project as a kick-off.

Several Spanish teachers from our partner school speak up via video message. There is Sonia Casquete y Alemany, the headmistress of Les Carolines, but also Rafa Santibanez, the head of the musical group in Valencia or Araceli Sempere, who is in charge of the robotics class in Spain, and of course Sergi Valdés, who gives the whole project the right sound as a music teacher. The message from Valencia is clear: now things really get going: Constructing, rehearsing, writing and practicing are now taking place to ensure that our intercultural musical will be a great success on the stages of Valencia and Coburg.

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