Welcome to our blog-page for the erasmus+-project „1984 – Connecting Arts And Technology“

On this page we offer insights on our current work for a Erasmus Plus Project under Key Action 2. These are projects sponsered by the EU to promote cooperation and partnerships between schools that have an impact on the modernisation and internalisation.

Our concept „1984 – CAT“ offers an unprecedented Erasmus Plus project: a musical about arts and technology. The novel „1984“ written by George Orwell is a dystopian text about a world in which people have become victims of omnipresent surveillance and propaganda. The two participating schools, Les Carolines and Ernestinum, adapt the novel to the challenges of the digital era to teach our students (aged 13-17, coming from different social and cultural contexts) 21st century competences regarding social media, surveillance and data privacy. The emerging musical at the end will be staged in Valencia (Spain) and Coburg (Germany). After having organized a meeting in Valencia in November 2018, it came clear that the design of the project allows us to learn from each other by combining our fields of expert: Arts (Les Carolines ,Valencia) and Technology (Ernestinum, Coburg).

If you are interested in the blog-page of our Erasmus Plus Project from 2015 under Key Action 1, please visit the following page: https://www.ernestinum-coburg.de/erasmusplus